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Blog posts:

LC students visited the rocky seashore and found some very common shellfish. Do you know what this is? Can you name any other common living organisms that can be seen in this image?

5th year biology students dissected the heart. Some great dissections. Do you know what blood vessel is seen down the centre of the image there?

LC students investigated the effect of IAA on the growth of plant tissue and got some great results. Click into the image and zoom in to see the effects on the roots and shoots of the cress seeds.

LC students’ results of growing bacteria in petri dishes. The top dish was the control (kept sterile); the second dish was the test where the students gently touch the agar with their finger tips. The bottom dish was a combination of agar and a very high sugar content and the students touch the agar gently with their finger tips. Can you give any explanations as to why there was no growth in the bottom dish?

TY students visted Galway Atlantaquaria where they dissected squids!

Students used celery to investigate the effect of enzyme denaturation:

Students dissected a lung in the lab:

Students isolated DNA recently:

Students carrying out food tests recently:

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