5.2 Biology

Friday 20/9/19: TO DO: Give test. Continue with carbs and then lipids. DONE: Gave test. Many students absent due to school retreat. Brought remaining students to computer room to do work on biology on khanacademy.org. Homework: study carbs again for a repeat test on Tuesday, next.

Thursday 19/9/19: TO DO: Recap on the practical activities completed recently. Get students to do the practical activity questions. Also, continue with chapter 3: Lipids section. DONE: Covered the practical activity questions. Did not get onto lipids. Went over carbohydrates again. Homework; study the different types of carbs and their sources, chemical formulas etc for short informal test.

Tuesday 17/9/19: TO DO: Practical activities to become familiar with the light microscope and use the light microscope to view plant (onion) cells using the light microscope. DONE: Students did the above practicals and started writing them up. Homework: Complete the write-ups in full and study the food tests for practical assessment next Monday.

Monday 16/9/19: TO DO: Students to revise the actual practicals involved in the food tests for a practical exam next Monday. DONE: Did the above. Homework: study for next week’s practical activity exam.

Friday 13/9/19: TO DO: Give test on elements and continue with chapter 3. DONE: Did the above. Covered the topic of carbohydrates. Homework: questions 1-7 page 27.

Thursday 12/9/19: TO DO: Recap. Start the theory of chapter 3. Cover the elements of food. DONE: Did the above. Homework: learn off the elements for a short test tomorrow.

Tuesday 10/9/19: TO DO: Practical activities to test for protein and lipids. DONE: Students did the above practicals and started writing up. Homework: complete the experimental write-ups and answer practical activity questions on pages 21 and 24.

Monday 9/9/19: TO DO: Cover chapter 2: characteristics of life. DONE: Covered chapter 2: characteristics of life. Homework: questions 1-10 page 13.

Friday 6/9/19: Away working with the SEC.

Thursday 5/9/19: Due to be away working with the SEC. Worksheets left.

Tuesday 3/9/19: TO DO: Practical activities to test for reducing sugar and starch. DONE: Students conducted the above practicals and wrote them up. Homework: complete the write-ups if not already done and complete the practical activity questions for both experiments (pages 17 and 19).

Monday 2/9/19: TO DO: Correct homework questions and cover the limitations of the scientific method. DONE: Did the above. Homework: complete questions 7-13 p8.

Friday 30/8/19: TO DO: Correct homework and cover the topics of theory, principle/law and the principles of experimentation. DONE: Did all of the above. Homework: complete the worksheet given out (questions 1-3).

Thursday 29/8/19: TO DO: Recap and start Chapter 1: scientific method. Cover the topics of life , three areas of study in biology and the scientific method. DONE: Completed the above. Homework: question 1-4 page 8.

Tuesday 27/8/19: TO DO: Discuss year plan and health and safety in the labs and start on the scientific method. Students to do experiment to determine which beaker contains 7Up and which beaker contains 7Up free. DONE: Did the above. Homework: read over and familiarise with the lab safety document and write up the experiment conducted today fully. Get the textbook (if not already got) and a lab note book and the relevant exercise copies for the year.