Chapter 19: Diversity of Life

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Chapter 19: Diversity of Life

Life on Earth is amazingly diverse.
In order to make it simpler to study and describe life, scientists have devised a system of classifying living organisms. All living organisms can be classified into one of five groups, called kingdoms.

  • Taxonomy: study of the classification of living organisms.

The five kingdoms of life

  1. Monera: all bacteria – the most numerous organisms, as well as having the greatest biomass, on Earth.
  2. Protista: small single-celled organisms such as Amoeba, Cryptosporidium and algae.
  3. Fungi: single-celled or multicellular heterotrophic organisms such as yeast, moulds and mushrooms.
  4. Plantae: Multi-cellular photosynthetic organisms.
  5. Animalia: Multi-cellular heterotrophic organisms.