LC Biology

Friday 20/9/19: TO DO: Correct homework questions. Cover importance of mitosis and cover meiosis. Move on to Chapter 14: DNA and RNA. DONE: Corrected homework questions and continued with the cell cycle. Covered importance of mitosis and meiosis as well as cancer. Showed crash course videos on mitosis and meiosis. Homework: complete chapter questions page 152 up to and including question 15 and complete the practical activity questions page 153.

Thursday 19/9/19; TO DO: Recap. Cover the topics of anaphase and telophase, cytokinesis. DONE: Did the above. Homework: questions 6, 7 and 8 at the end of the chapter (page 152).

Tuesday 17/9/19: TO DO: Correct homework questions and cover mitosis in detail. DONE: Corrected questions and covered the topics of prophase and metaphase of mitosis. Homework: find out the diploid number of chromosomes of two organisms of your choice.

Monday 16/9/19: TO DO: Give short test on definitions. Continue with the cell cycle. DONE: Gave test. Covered the concepts of haploid and diploid and started the three phases of the cell cycle. Homework: question 1-5 at the end of the chapter (page 152).

Friday 13/9/19: TO DO: Demonstrate an experiment to show the chemical and organic composition of bone. Start chapter 13: cell cycle. DONE: Did the above. Homework: study the definitions introduced in chapter 13 for a short informal test on Monday.

Thursday 12/9/19: TO DO: Correct homework questions and recap. Cover musculoskeletal disorder. DONE: Covered the above. Covered musculoskeletal disorder. Homework: complete question 14 (c) of the 2019 paper.

Tuesday 10/9/19: TO DO: Recap and correct homework. Cover the topic of bone development, and bone renewal. DONE: Did the above. Homework: complete questions 11-13 page 419.

Monday 9/9/19: TO DO: Continue with the musculoskeletal system. DONE: Recapped on the topics of axial and appendicular skeleton as well as details of the various parts. Also covered the structure of a lone bone and all the various functions. Homework: question 7-10 page 419.

Friday 6/9/19: Away working with the SEC.

Thursday 5/9/19: Due to be away with the SEC. Worksheets to be given.

Tuesday 3/9/19: TO DO: Give test on bones of the skeleton. Continue with chapter 40: the human musculoskeletal system. DONE: Did the above. Homework: complete chapter questions 1-6 page 419.

Monday 2/9/19: TO DO: Correct homework. Start Chapter 40: the musculoskeletal system. DONE: Did the above. Homework: learn off all the bones in the body for a short test on them tomorrow.

Friday 30/8/19: TO DO: Correct homework question and continue with the nervous system. Cover the topics of spinal cord, reflex arc and differences between a nervous response and an endocrine response. Students to also do the knee jerk reflex. DONE: Did all of the above. Homework: finish questions at the end of the chapter and complete all questions on assigned worksheet.

Thursday 29/8/19: TO DO: Continue with Chapter 39: the human nervous system – the central nervous system. DONE: Covered the brain, its structure and functions of the various parts. Homework: question 10 page 406.

Tuesday 27/8/19: TO DO: Discuss year plan and continue with Chapter 39: human nervous system. DONE: Did the above. Covered the senses of taste, smell and touch. Homework: get the exam papers and study!