TY Biology

Tuesday 17/9/19: TO DO: Field trip around NUI, Galway. DONE: Brought students on part of the NUI, Galway biodiversity field trip.

Tuesday 10/9/19: Students to view their microorganisms using the light microscope. Also, introduce the info required to conduct a gel electrophoresis of DNA. DONE: Students viewed their cultures of microorganisms using the light microscopes. During the second class they went to the computer room and set up their khanacademy accounts and joined their 4B maths class. Did not get to do work on the gel electrophoresis project.

Tuesday 3/9/19: TO DO: Introduce microbiology. Students to learn to make their own agar and inoculate them. DONE: Did all of the above.

Tuesday 27/8/19: TO DO: Discuss the term plan with the class and discuss health & safety within the lab. Students will then learn about basic microscopy and get to view many different slides of animal and plant tissues. Students will then make sketches of various types. DONE: Did the above. Homework: read over the lab safety booklet.