TY Biology

Monday 6/4/20 – Friday 10/4/20 and Monday 13/4/20 – Friday 17/4/20: Easter Holidays.

Tuesday 31/3/20: TO DO: Other teacher due to take them for the first class.

Tuesday 24/3/20: No class due to Covid-19.

Tuesday 17/3/20: No class due to public holiday.

Tuesday 10/3/20: TO DO: Another biology teacher is due to take them for the first class. There will be no last class due to 5th year parent-teacher meeting. DONE: There was no TY biology class today at all due to TYs being off campus on another activity.

Tuesday 3/3/20: TO DO: Another teacher is due to take them for the first class and cover the coronavirus with them. Second class of the double: Viewing of results from last week’s petri dishes. This week: set up more dishes growing of bacteria from various other sources using nutrient agar.

Tuesday 25/2/20: TO DO: Another teacher is due to take them for the first class and cover the coronavirus with them. Second class of the double: Growing of bacteria from various sources using nutrient agar.

Monday 17/2/20 – Friday 21/2/20: Midterm break.

Tuesday 11/2/20: TO DO: Visit Grattan beach to use Google lens to find and name and research various seashore organisms.

Tuesday 4/2/20: TO DO: Students to do posters of a topic in biology.

Tuesday 28/1/20: Due to be away working at the SEC. Work to be left for students.

Tuesday 21/1/20: TO DO: Practical activity to make nutrient agar and innoculate with fingerprints.

Tuesday 14/1/20: TO DO: A variety of short small practical activities in biology – eye test, hearing test, touch test, reflex test, near point test.

Tuesday 7/1/20: TO DO: Practical activity: to demonstrate the action of amylase on starch.

Tuesday 17/12/19: TO DO: Microscopy in the lab. DONE: Did microscopy with students. They sent emails of pictures taken.

Tuesday 10/12/19: TO DO: Students to attend Martin Ryan Institute zoology museum in NUIG. DONE: Did the above. Back in the lab, showed an evolutionary biology youtube video.

Tuesday 3/12/19: TO DO: Students to attend Galway Atlantaquaria for the squid dissection. DONE: Did the above.

Tuesday 25/11/19: TO DO: Students to test various foods/drinks for vitamin C. DONE: Did the above. Homework: write experiment up.

Tuesday 19/11/19: TO DO: Students to do nature biodiversity trail in NUIG> DONE: Did the above. Homework: write up and describe five organisms identified using google lens.

Tuesday 12/11/19: TO DO: new group of TYs. Students to set up agar dishes and innoculate them. DONE: Did the above. Homework: complete the write-up of the activity.

Tuesday 5/11/19: TO DO: Students to do further work on their SciFest. DONE: Only six students present and last class was off due to parent-teacher meeting.

Monday 28th October – Friday 1st November: Midterm break

Tuesday 22/10/19: TO DO: Students to read over the SciFest information booklet and think of projects. DONE: Did the above. Students devised some very interesting projects to do.

Tuesday 15/10/19: TO DO: Students to start researching biology-related topics for entering the reel life science video competition.

Tuesday 8/10/19: TO DO: Visit the Martin Ryan Building and the zoology museum in NUIG. DONE: We had a guided tour of the museum.

Tuesday 1/10/19: TO DO: Visit rocky seashore and use google lens to study the various organisms present. DONE: Did the above. Homework: create a document or presentation stating and describing at least 10 organisms that were seen.

Tuesday 24/9/19: No school due to teacher inservice day.

Tuesday 17/9/19: TO DO: Field trip around NUI, Galway. DONE: Brought students on part of the NUI, Galway biodiversity field trip.

Tuesday 10/9/19: Students to view their microorganisms using the light microscope. Also, introduce the info required to conduct a gel electrophoresis of DNA. DONE: Students viewed their cultures of microorganisms using the light microscopes. During the second class they went to the computer room and set up their khanacademy accounts and joined their 4B maths class. Did not get to do work on the gel electrophoresis project.

Tuesday 3/9/19: TO DO: Introduce microbiology. Students to learn to make their own agar and inoculate them. DONE: Did all of the above.

Tuesday 27/8/19: TO DO: Discuss the term plan with the class and discuss health & safety within the lab. Students will then learn about basic microscopy and get to view many different slides of animal and plant tissues. Students will then make sketches of various types. DONE: Did the above. Homework: read over the lab safety booklet.