Unit 3: The Organism

This unit is all about the five kingdoms of living organisms. Students also learn about the various human systems in detail.

Chapters 20 – 23 are all about the microorganisms – including bacteria, fungi, protists and viruses; Chapters 24 – 28 teach the students about flowering plants and their wonderful diversity; and Chapters 29 – 41 teach students about human physiology and anatomy.

Chapter 19: Diversity of life

Chapter 20: Kingdom Monera

Chapter 21: Kingdom Fungi

Chapter 22: Kingdom Protista

Chapter 23: Viruses

Chapter 24: Kingdom Plantae

Chapter 25: Nutrition in the flowering plant

Chapter 26: Response in the flowering plant

Chapter 27: Vegetative propagation

Chapter 28: Sexual reproduction in the flowering plant

Chapter 29: Homeostasis

Chapter 30: Blood

Chapter 31: The human circulatory system

Chapter 32: The human lymphatic system

Chapter 33: The human digestive system

Chapter 34: The human defence system

Chapter 35: The human breathing system

Chapter 36: The human integumentary system

Chapter 37: The human urinary system

Chapter 38: The human endocrine system

Chapter 39: The human nervous system

Chapter 40: The human musculoskeletal system

Chapter 41: The human reproductive system